Song Downloads

Load Your Karaoke Players with All Time Hits

In this page, we introduce a speedy and free way to find  karaoke songs of all genre and regions.
First open an Internet browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and go to or Search for your song by typing in any part of the title or artist name. For a faster and more relevant result, you may combine the title and artist name. Be sure to include the word “karaoke” in front to limit your search to karaoke songs with lyrics.

Here are some examples of search words:

Karaoke Elvis Presley
Karaoke Love Me Tender
Karaoke Elvis Presley Love Me Tender
Karaoke Love Me Tender Elvis Presley
Karaoke Frank Sinatra My Way
Karaoke Sinatra Frank My Way
Karaoke Tom Jones Delilah
Karaoke Delilah Tom Jones
The search result will show multiple matches, often thousands. Browse through the matches to find the one that best fits your need.
Follow the instruction at Wikihow to download “4K Video Downloader” and install into your PC/laptop. This free program can download video files from online into your PC/laptop. Use the instruction given here to download the video file (song) found from your search.
If you are using Microsoft Edge, you can alternatively install a downloader extension. Go to Microsoft Store and look for a video downloader. You will find more than 800 apps among which we recommend the free “Video Downloader Professional for Edge”. Install the app and a green down arrow button will appear on the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge. Going back to the karaoke song search, open the video file (song) found from your search. Press the down arrow button to select a format and begin downloading.
Legal Opinion:
Many karaoke songs are being produced in good quality and many are becoming available online for individuals to enjoy via Internet. Our opinion on the legality of downloading these files is with the individuals. Like television or radio, all public broadcasts can be recorded legally by individuals for personal enjoyment. We believe that the home recording act of the US copyright law protects the individuals in such acts from any copyright infringement.

There is a concern on downloading a video owned by a person or company. It is obvious that when the owner (person or company) stipulates to distribute the video only to those who pay, then it would be a violation to download the video without making the payment. However when the owner is distributing the video in generic web search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Big, etc., then the owner is forfeiting the payment stipulation possibly for the advertising or promotional benefits. The owner is in fact broadcasting the video without payment stipulation to world wide web.
For commercial or public use of the video, the legal matter changes. The usage without permission of the owner is a copyright infringement and here we side with the owners.

Note that the copyright infringement can only be against the copyright owners, not the licensees of the copyright. The copyright owners are usually the publishers and the karaoke song producers are the licensees. Some karaoke song producers have brought lawsuits against karaoke KJs and venues however only under the trademark infringement, not the copyright infringement.